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    • souls from heaven&healing

      Do you know whether your soul is from heaven? Souls from heaven have the capacity to heal itself...

    • Body Elevating 1

      Some monks can elevate their bodies in the middle of the air for hours, not everyone can have that kind of meditation experience, but we can always try to relax ourselves doing a similar meditation even if we can't really elevate our bodies in the air.

    • End of Year Anxiety 1

      Sometimes the collective anxiety to change make human beings behave in such a way that would block the change from happening ...

    • Sleepy Monk 1

      It's one of the meditation scenarios for you to take a nap with.

    • Past Anxiety

      There are anxieties that come from problems we can't deal with, in that case, it's better to run or try harder to find a solution, anxiety isn't the solution, but there are other anxieties that come from unrealistic worries from problems we imagined we can't deal with, because in the past we couldn't ...

    • Unreturned Love

      Our bodies and existence are the left-overs of unreturned love...maybe it's something to remember when we can't feel being loved in this world