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  • Stop seeking thoughts permission

    Do you believe in telepathy? If not, then why you can't allow yourself to think whatever you want as if being watched or your thoughts could be transparent?

  • Biofeed back meditation1 - weight

    I have discovered the days when I weigh myself every day, my weight stay the same as the one of my thought...

  • Emotional Cleansing

    Another emotional Cleansing

  • Meditation into future

    What if you open the possibilities of other theories of future and past, what if future and past are one circle...there are other hypothesis and possibilities

  • Opening heaven's eye

    Practice opening heaven's eye, to feel more relaxed and approach a bit more your intuitive perceptions

  • Chanting Sound Meditation 1

    As I mentionned in my "Meditation & 30 Instand Meditation Scenarios", one of 30 ways I talked about is to use chanting sounds to tone your brain into the meditative state and in this video I've shown some of the most common chanting sounds